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2 Reasons Why Facebook Commerce Is Poised To Grow

These past 3 years, both mobile commerce as well as Facebook commerce have begun to draw a lot attention from the ecommerce community. There are a lot of research findings and stats available all over the internet. But though the figures are generally the same, the opinions as to what they might mean differs among ecommerce experts. Some caution about being too optimistic while others say that mobile commerce and social commerce, especially Facebook commerce, is a natural ecommerce progression.

Mobile Commerce Growth

Mobile commerce was supposed to take off in a big way in 2009 but it didn’t. The 2008 economic downturn might have something to do with that. However, mobile commerce is still growing and it is expected that 12% of all ecommerce transactions will go through a mobile device by 2014.

Just a few years ago, there were just a few smartphone models around and you could count the number to tablet models on one hand. Today, along with the iPhone, there are a countless number of Android, Blackberry, Windows, Bada and Symbian based smartphones in the market. In the tablet world, there are now about 85 tablet models to choose from.

The growth in the mobile device industry has resulted in the growth in mobile commerce. Many users started off using mobile devices to research items before purchasing them later via their laptops and desktops. This was because they were unsure of mobile commerce security, there were not many mobile version of sites available and smartphone screens were too tiny to make it comfortable to navigate an online site comfortably.

However with smartphone screens increasing in size, mobile security becoming more evident and more sites offering mobile friendly versions, the mobile commerce train in does not look like its due to make any stops soon.

Convenience Of Facebook

No long ago, ecommerce experts were saying that selling on Facebook would fail because people go on Facebook to socialize and not to shop. Stats now show that 25% of Facebook users would shop on Facebook. Facebook has now become one big online mall where you can catch up with friends, enjoy a video or 10 and shop at your favorite store because it has become so convenient to do so. Convenience has always been the backbone of ecommerce and it is really evident on Facebook commerce or f-commerce.

With Facebook adding millions to its user base every and 25% of whom could be potential shoppers, Facebook commerce is bound to grow.

With this realization, the big names in ecommerce solutions have created social store apps for their merchants in order take advantage of this potential revenue earner.

Granted, it is still early days for Facebook commerce but growth has been steady. Though shopping on Facebook will not overtake conventional online shopping anytime soon, it still has to be taken seriously as a decent avenue for sales.